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Texas Changes Payment Requirements

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President's Letter

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Behind the Scenes Planning for 2002
Donna Reeves

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State Bar of Texas-
Opportunity for
Associate Membership

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Icebreaker and NAPE 2002
S. Sullivan and M. Cousins

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Counterpart Connection

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Certification News

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State of Texas HB 981
An Act
Relating to Oil and Gas
Royalty Reporting Standards

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MMS Royalty Reduction Program

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NADOA 2002 Institute

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Test Your Title Knowledge

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Calendar of Events

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Board of Directors and
Committee Chairmen

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Rona Erickson, 2002 Institute Coordinator, has assembled an awesome group of Committee Chairmen to make this year's Institute one of the very best ever. One of the best ways to get to know other members of the organization and make new friends is to work together on a project, and what better project to get involved with than Institute. Call one of the chairmen listed below to get involved:

Corporate Donations Brenda Atkins 405-270-2505
Registration Peggy Balch 405-478-8770
Packet Co-Chair Sharon Baugh 832-676-4192
Packet Co-Chair Karen Laughlin 918-588-7705
Program Teresa Beeghly 918-492-3331
Transportation Wanda Davenport 405-516-1146
Publication Co-Chair David Eubank 580-767-2868
Publication Co-Chair Sandy Yost 580-767-3033
Publicity Kathy Fisher 405-879-6700
Vendor Fair Robyn Guest 405-341-8698
Hotel Ann Herlacher 405-232-9700
Message & Information Debbie McKee 405-879-7859
Finance Eric Olsen 405-557-9481
Hospitality Tommy Rutledge 405-478-8770