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State of Texas HB 981
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NADOA 2002 Institute

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From the Desk of the President:
Elizabeth Nolan, CDOA, CPLTA, CMM

Time seems to be passing quickly this year and I can hardly believe spring is here.. It has been my great privilege to speak at HADOA, DALWORTH, CAPDOA and PBADOA meetings so far this year. I received a warm welcome at each meeting and met many interesting people, some of whom are NADOA members and some who are not. All have been invited to join us in Oklahoma City in September 25 – 27 for the 2002 NADOA Institute. I would now like to extend a personal invitation to you.

Planning for this year’s Institute is well underway and the Institute Committee, under the leadership of Rona Erickson, has had its first meeting in Oklahoma City. The Institute Committee is comprised of the Chairpersons (or is the plural “chairpeople”) of all the various Committees involved in our Institute. Some of the members are new to working on Institute, some are new to chairing a committee and some are old hands. All are enthusiastic and hard working.

The Institute Committee is charged with the complete planning and execution of the event. These chairpersons and their committees coordinate every aspect of Institute from the speakers and food to the transportation and publicity. Many of the committees, like Registration, cannot manage with only the chairperson working.

My first active involvement with NADOA was working on the Registration Committee. I had a blast! It was so nice to finally meet some of those with whom I had only communicated by telephone or letter. Although putting on the Institute can be hard work, it can be fun and is much easier when the tasks are shared. I encourage you to call one of the chairpersons listed in this newsletter and volunteer to help.

Even if you aren’t able to volunteer, come to Institute and reap the benefits of the Committee’s efforts. The program will be a strong one with speakers who are both informative and enjoyable. Education is not only the cornerstone of NADOA, it is the primary reason for holding the annual Institute. This year we will be continuing NADOA’s commitment to educational excellence in Oklahoma City. There will also be great opportunities to network, meet members from across the country, to share ideas and even possibly do some problem solving. Oh, and we will have a bit of fun, too. Our hospitality chairperson, Tommy Rutledge, is hard at work planning the merriment.

The host hotel, The Renaissance, is located near Bricktown. This area is filled with restaurants and other entertainment. We will be within walking distance of the Myriad Gardens and near the Oklahoma City National Memorial and Memorial Center. . In light of last year’s events, I am sure many will want to make time to visit this very moving site. Oklahoma City has much to offer and you will be hearing more in the months to come.

I want to encourage everyone to join us in Oklahoma City at NADOA’s 29th Annual Institute. It will not only be very educational, it will also be a lot of fun. If you are coming to the Institute alone, give me or any other board or committee member a call and we will be happy to introduce you to others. Institute is always a great way to grow your network, so please come and join us in Oklahoma City to enhance yours.