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NADOA 2002 Institute

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Board of Directors and
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A Look Behind the Scenes at the 2002 Annual Institute

Planning for our organization’s Annual Institute begins months ahead of the event. As early as two years prior to the scheduled Institute, the Site Selection Committee tours various hotels, meeting with their sales staff to obtain information as to how their facility and staff can accommodate the needs of NADOA. Based on their research, the Site Selection Committee presents recommendations to the NADOA Officers and Board of Directors. The NADOA Board then selects the site, by a majority vote.

Once the site has been selected and as the date of Institute approaches, the President that will preside over the Institute selects an Institute Coordinator. Together the President and Institute Coordinator put together the Institute Committee, selecting members that have expressed an interest in serving on various Institute Committees. Ideally, the Institute Committee is set in place no later than January 1st of the year of the Institute. Often times, the Committee Chairmen have already volunteered by the conclusion of the prior year’s Institute.

Outlined below are the specific committees comprising the Institute Committee. If you have not already done so, I encourage you to contact Rona Erickson and volunteer to help with one of the Committees for the 2002 Institute.

  • Institute Coordinator: Oversees all Committees, as well as coordinates the Institute Budget. The Coordinator provides guidelines, including time frames, to all committee chairmen so that each committee will understand its responsibilities. He/She will also review and be extremely familiar with the terms of the applicable hotel contract, as well as coordinate any revisions with the hotel conference planner to accommodate specific institute needs. The Coordinator should be available to all members for questions concerning the Institute.
  • Program Committee: Plans the program, based on the current needs of our organization. This committee utilizes input from our members, including the responses to prior Institute Evaluation Forms to structure a program that will provide the best educational opportunities to our membership. The Program Committee invites each speaker and schedules the sessions. This committee notifies each speaker of the specific guidelines for papers that are to be submitted and published in our Institute Journal. The Program Committee Chairman, in conjunction with the Hotel Committee Chairman, also coordinates the hotel reservations for our speakers. This committee also plans our Speaker’s Appreciation Reception. Additionally, the Program Committee, in conjunction with the Publications Committee, coordinates the printing of our signs designating the session topic for each specific room. The Program Committee also orchestrates the introduction of our speakers at each session.
  • Hotel Committee: Assists in planning our menus, as well as coordinating our meeting space, including any audio-visual needs of our speakers. The Hotel Committee Chairman, in conjunction with the Program Committee Chairman, also coordinates the hotel reservations for our speakers. As the date of the conference approaches, this chairman is in frequent contact with our hotel convention planner, monitoring NADOA’s room block, as well as any special needs for the Institute. This Committee also oversees the hotel needs for the NADOA Board and Institute Planning Meeting held each June.
  • Hospitality Committee: Plans all of the NADOA Hospitality Receptions, such as the Welcome Reception and Closing Session and our “Special Event Party”. This committee coordinates the menus, as well as any entertainment and decorations for these hospitalities.
  • Transportation Committee: Coordinates and negotiates the contracts for the “preferred airline”. This committee also plans and schedules any on-site / off-site transportation needs, such as buses to transport our members to any off-site functions.
  • Publications Committee: Oversees the publication of our Institute Journal. This includes receiving the papers from each speaker and coordinating the formatting for publication with our printer. This committee also oversees the proofreading of our Journal, prior to the final print. Additionally, the Publications Committee, in conjunction with the Program Committee, coordinates the printing of our signs designating the session topic for each specific room.
  • Registration Committee: Receives and processes all Institute Registration Forms. This committee prepares the nametags for each attendee, as well as generating a master attendee list. The committee chairman coordinates the schedule for greeters in the hotel to direct our members to the registration area and personnel to assist with the registration process.
  • Message & Information Committee: Coordinates the Message and Information Center for the conference.
  • Corporate Donations / Packets Committee: Solicits and receives monetary corporate donations, as well as items for our “goodie bag”. This committee also orders the bags distributed at the conference.
  • Publicity Committee: Notifies various organizations, such as AAPL, NALTA, local landmen, division order or lease and title associations of our conference. This chairman also oversees the publication of NADOA’s ad that is published annually in The Landman magazine, as well as advertisements in other professional newsletters. This committee also provides our membership (usually by articles in our Newsletter) information concerning the locale and area in which our conference is being held.
  • Vendor Fair Committee: Invites industry-related vendors to our conference. This committee oversees and coordinates the set-up of the booths at our vendor fair. The chairman also plans for any “door prizes” for vendor fair attendance.

We are often asked about the cost of the Institute -- can we make the conference more affordable for our members, especially those whose companies no longer financially support their attendance? Please be assured that your NADOA Officers, Board of Directors and Institute Committee take great care to consider this factor. However, to present a quality seminar in a hotel that can accommodate the attendance of 300 or more with multiple concurrent sessions, the cost per attendee is approximately $375.00. These costs can be summarized as: Food / Hospitalities - $240.00; Speaker / Audio Visual Costs - $ 55.00; Publications / Publicity - $ 65.00; Registration / Vendor Fair / Packets / Administration - $ 15.00. Since the cost per person exceeds the amount charged, we rely on corporate donations to offset the additional expense.

As each conference concludes, we are grateful to the group of dedicated professionals that continue to offer our members an excellent resource of educational opportunities. Again, let me encourage you to become involved in the planning of our Annual Institutes the rewards are tremendous.