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J. B. (renal transplant-acute care)
B. W. (liver transplant-acute care)
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Date: September 6, 2000
Place: University Hospital
Unit: Surgery Wing, Regular Care

Patient: J. B.
DOB: 11/24/53 (46 yo man)
Race: African American

Patient Presentation

HPI: Cadaveric kidney transplanted on 8/28/00. Post-transplant course uncomplicated other than a UTI on 9.4.00, which was successfully treated with TMP/SMX.


1. ESRD, since 1996, 2 to DM (type 2), diagnosed in 5/78, and HTN, since 6/90

2. Peritoneal dialysis, begun in 1996, and hemodialysis, since 1998

3. Retinopathy, since 1999

4. Chronic gastritis -> CLO test (-), in 11/98

5. Hypothyroidism, since 1994