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J. B. (renal transplant-sub-acute and chronic care)
L. S. (liver transplant-acute care)
E.J.. (renal transplant-acute care)
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Case Studies
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Date: May 31, 2001
Place: University Hospital
Unit: Surgery Wing

Patient: E. J.
Age: 29 y. o.
Race: African American

Patient Presentation

E. J. Is a 29 y. o. African American male with ESRD secondary to hypertension. Admitted for a cadaveric kidney transplant. Hemodialysis x 2 yrs. PMH: Type 2 diabetes, HTN. MEDS: ramipril (Altace®) 5mg BID, amlodipine (Norvasc®) 5mg BID, Insulin NPH and Regular BID, EPO 8000 units SQ BID, Nephro-Vite® vitamin formulation 1 cap QD, PhosLo® 667 mg with meals. Pt. has no known drug allergies. E.J. is CMV antibody (-) and donor CMV antibody (+).