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Date: June 1, 2001
Place: University Clinic
Outpatient Services

Patient: R. K.
Age: 36 y. o.
Race: Caucasian

Patient Presentation

R.K. is a 36 yo caucasian male who received a cadaver kidney transplant 2 years ago for ESRD secondary to hypertension and diabetes. He is being seen in clinic for a routine appointment.


Hypertension, type 1 diabetes, acute myocardial infarction in 1997, CABG six months prior to transplant in 1999, peripheral vascular disease with right foot amputation in 1996, peripheral neuropathy, and gout. He also had an episode of acute rejection 1 year ago, which responded to high dose methylprednisolone.

Patient states that he has no complaints except minor aches and pains in his legs. He did note that his recorded blood pressure, at home, runs between 150-165/ 80-95. Only needs regular insulin every now and then, when he varies from his regular ADA and low sodium, low cholesterol diet.