Case Studies

J. B. (renal transplant-acute care)
B. W. (liver transplant-acute care)
J. P. (liver transplant-subacute and chronic care)
M. S. (renal transplant-subacute and chronic care)
D. D. (renal transplant-chronic care)
Module Text
Case Studies
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Vital Signs/Nursing Notes
Lab Values and Pathology Reports
Medication Profile
Physicians' Progress Notes


TransWeb-General Information on transplants

American Society of Transplant Surgeons

U. C. Davis Transplant Center

Kidney Transplant/Dialysis Association, Inc.

Allographs-Tissue biopsy information

NIT Patient Education Model-Pre-Transplant

NIT Patient Education Model-Post-Transplant

Liver and Kidney Transplant Support Group

Harvard School of Public Health Racial Differences in Transplantation Rates

A family's experience with transplant

A patient's experience with transplant

A personal transplant account