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Test your knowledge of fun animal facts! To complete the quiz, click on your response to each multiple choice question. When finished, click the button at the bottom of the screen, your score and the answers to any missed questions will be displayed.

Good luck...

1. This black and white striped African carnivore feeds mostly on termites, but is related to hyenas.

a. Agouti
b. Aardwolf
c. Lemur
d. Aardvark

2. This is a graceful animal that lives in regions of the Himalayas, the mountainous areas of India and New Zealand, and parts of the Arabian peninsula?

a. Tahr
b. Mountain Lion
c. Goat
d. Gazelle

3. Aye-ayes use their long middle fingers to:

a. groom their mates.
b. remove insect larvae from underneath tree bark.
c. make impolite gestures.
d. reach for berries caught between thick, prickly bushes.

4. How long is a mountain lion's tail?

a. 50 inches
b. 25 inches
c. 70 inches
d. 30 inches

5. There are __ number of different species of wallaby?

a. 11
b. 22
c. 33
d. 44

6. The duck billed platypus has a poisonous spur used for defense, where on its body is it located?

a. head
b. feet
c. back
d. tail

7. The average life span of a cheetah is....?

a. 8-10 years.
b. 10-12 years
c. 12-14 years
d. 16-20 years

8. On average, how many young do skunks give birth to in a year?

a. somewhat less than the total number of political pundits in an election year
b. 2-4
c. 6-8
d. 2-10

9. The loris is ....?

a. a type of seal
b. a type of monkey
c. a character in Dr. Seuss books
d. a carnivorous fish

10. Tigers weigh...

a. 200-500 pounds
b. 300-600 pounds
c. 400-700 pounds
d. 500-800 pounds

11. Tapirs enjoy:

a. swimming
b. eating small rodents
c. climbing in trees
d. living alone

12. Lionesses can have as many as ___ cubs in a litter, although not all survive to adulthood.

a. 3
b. 4
c. 5
d. 6

13. Young orangutans become independent from their mothers when they are around _____ years old.

a. 2-3
b. 4-5
c. 6-7
d. 8-9

14. A panda eats about ___ pounds of bamboo in a day, but is still classified as a carnivore because it occasionally eats small birds and mammals.

a. 18
b. 28
c. 38
d. 48

15. Which of the following is actually the largest member of the porpoise family?

a. Minke whale
b. Baird's beaked whale
c. Fin whale
d. Orca

16. Tigers are strong swimmers and enjoy cooling off in the water before hunting for a meal. A tiger may eat ____pounds of meat for dinner?

a. 12, but up to 60
b. 10, but only if they skipped lunch
c. 8, but only every other day
d. 6, twice a day

17. Sloths spend much of their lives hanging by their claws high in the trees above the forest floor. They have been seen doing which of the following without ever touching the ground:

a. giving birth
b. sleeping
c. clinging on after they have died
d. all of the above

18. Camels can drink ____ gallons of water in 13 minutes.

a. 10
b. 20
c. 30
d. 40

19. These animals produce a strong smelling oil that humans have used to make perfume:

a. capybara
b. civets
c. cacomistle
d. coati

20. Which of the following are long necked African grazing animals who can stand on their hind legs to reach tree leaves?

a. bandicoots
b. jerboas
c. gerenuks
d. suricates