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Each scenario Stenhouse Games produces requires an enormous amount of time and dedication to detail while researching relevent historical details and evaluating the use of tactics and strategy by the parties under study. For that reason, our authors are central to the development of our many quality products.

-Robert Haworth, Chief Designer

ROBERT L. HAWORTH is a Principal Systems Engineer with a Baltimore-area unit of Raytheon, Inc., a major defense contracting firm. He formerly served as an engineer with The MITRE Corporation; as a ground forces analyst with the U.S. Army National Ground Intelligence Center; as a military analyst with The RAND Corporation; and with the Central Intelligence Agency. He holds a Master of Arts degree in National Security Studies from Georgetown University. He has been a devotee of the AWI since childhood, a player of historical board wargames since 1972, and a miniatures gamer since 1990. His hobbies include reading (military history and non-fiction), cave exploring, and foreign travel. He reads, writes and speaks fluent Russian and some German.

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