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Four organizations test and report on the ingredients and safety of food supplements, in other words that what is listed on the label is, indeed, what is inside and that it is pure. No organization reports on the effectiveness of the supplements. This is due to the products being available to use without professional supervision. (Just like no agency is tracking how many people improve their health or become ill by eating onions.) Yet, food supplements—vitamins, herbs and minerals—are used to maintain good health and to correct imbalances causing illness.

This site provides an opportunity for women to “gather at the well” and exchange experiences and gain knowledge on how to care for ourselves and our families. Your report on an ailment, your treatment, and the outcome of that treatment will be added to the WMB database and results reported on the website.


The following questions are optional. However, we strongly urge you to answer as many of them as possible. As some medicants may work differently according to age, overall health and sometimes even genetic heritage; we would like to collect as much information about your experience as possible.

Gender: Female  Male

Marital Status: Single  

Race: African-American  
Asian/Pacific Islander  
Native Person/Aboriginal  

Age: 18-24  


For the following questions, you may have had more than one situation, experience or occurance during your life time. In each sub-section, you will be given the opportunity to answer that set of questions for each occurance. When you reach the end of that section, if you have no other experience to report, click "proceed"; and your answers will be stored, or if you are entirely finished, submitted. If you would like to answer that section again in regard to another condition or experience, click "input another experience" and the form data will be stored for later submission, the answer boxes will clear to allow new input, and you will be taken back to the top of that section.

An example for the first section: I take more than one prescription drug. I choose one and input all the information applicable to my experience with it, then at the end of the section I click "input another experience" and then start that section over for the next medication I use.

An example for the second section: I have more than one health condition. I choose one and input all the information applicable to my experience with it, then at the end of the section I click "input another experience" and then start that section over for the next health condition I have experienced.

1. Are you taking any prescribed drugs for any conditions?
Since when (mo/yr):

2. Health condition you are/were treating:

3. For how long have you had this condition? Less than three months
3 to 6 months
6 to 12 months
one to 3 years
over 3 years


4. What medical treatment(s) did you have prior to using natural healing treatments for this condition?
Date Begun (month/year):
Date Ended (month/year):
Rank your satisfaction with results of this treatment: Very unsatisfied
Very satisfied

5. Why did you seek natural healing methods?
(check all that apply)
Conventional treatment did not heal the condition
Conventional treatment caused adverse effects
No known conventional treatment
Lacked health insurance to pay for conventional treatment
Natural healing is my first choice in health care

6. What was your source(s) of information for the treatment you used?
(check all that apply)
Previous experience
Friend/family member
Website/Internet sources

Advice of healthcare practitioner:

       Naturopathic physician
       Massage therapist
       Osteopathic physician
       Homeopathic physician
       Physical therapist
      Book (title, author)

7. What natural healing treatment did you use? (check all that apply) Acupuncture
Chinese herbal formulas

Dietary change:

  Specially prescribed


Fen Shui
Food Supplements—vitamins, etc.
      Name brand/type:
Hormone therapy
Massage therapy
Meridian therapy
Traditional Chinese medicine

8. Tell us about the results which may be positive such as healing a condition or managing an illness or results may be negative.
What was the time elapsed between when treatment began and you noticed results?
Have the results lasted
What was the dosage and frequency of treatment?
Did you vary dosage or frequency of treatment(s)?
Did this impact upon other conditions?
Did you discontinue the drug or herb unexpectedly?
If so, Why?


If you feel you have contributed all the information you wish to, please click the "submit" button below to send your result in to be added to our database. If you wish to make yoursefl available to answer further questions via email, fill in your email address below. Otherwise, if you wish to remain anonymous, simply leave it blank and no other identifying information will be collected. Every attempt to ensure your privacy will be maintained. If you have questions about the survey, please contact the researchers at medicinebowl.com and we will be happy to answer them.

Thank you for taking the time to share this information with us!

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