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Why “Natural Healing”?

The (date)____ edition of US News & World Report featured a cover story on supplements, and the news angle was the “dangers of” supplements. The writers appeared to have searched hard to find an individual (one was featured) who had been harmed by a food supplement or herb.

The facts:

  • (figures of #s killed by supplements or herbs—2,300 between 1985-1999) and 100,000 deaths per year due to unnecessary surgery, medications errors, and negative effects of drugs, not including disabilities or recoveries from these errors (Journal of the AMA, Vol. 284, July 26, 2000)
  • The Center for Disease Control reports that six major chronic diseases account for 73 percent of all deaths in the US; these are heart disease, cancer, stroke, diabetes, obstructive pulmonary disease, and liver disease. The nation spend $425 billion annually on these diseases, which are largely preventable. Yet less than one percent ($287 million) is spent on disease prevention. This amounts to $1.21 per person annually—much less than the weekly cost of a good multivitamin.

Pharmaceutical drugs have no equal for the treatment of trauma or in crises. For every other medical or health issue there are Natural Healing treatments that are more effective and DO NO HARM. A defense of pharma drugs that is often heard in the debate of “natural medicines vs. pharmaceutical drugs” is that many drugs were initially developed from plant sources. This is true, but in isolating and extracting the part of the plant that is effective is aiding healing, the chemist eliminated the remainder of the plant that mollified the effect; the result is the pharmaceutical product has drastic side effects that the whole plant would not.

The healthcare methods in WomensMedicineBowl are referred to as “Natural Healing” not “alternative and complementary” medicine. We aim to educate on natural healthcare processes so that women will make pharmaceutical drugs the “alternative”, the medicine of last resort. Having the knowledge (and natural remedies) to heal most of life’s ailments without the time, energy, and expense of running to a physician is empowering. The objective of WomensMedicineBowl, ultimately, is empowering women to take responsibility for their healthcare through information exchange.

About/Objectives of Womensmedicinebowl

Several organizations are working to improve U.S. health policies. The overhaul of the nation’s healthcare that doesn’t tie healthcare to employment and provides universal access will take years—it if ever happens. As important as policy changes are, policy won’t help us take care of ourselves today. This is where WomensMedicineBowl (WMB)can help us take charge of our health right now.

WomensMedicineBowl provides brief, easy-to-read introductions to several forms of Natural Healing. You will learn options to using pharmaceutical drugs and many OTC (over-the-counter) medicines for most of life’s ailments and, more importantly, learn how to maintain good health and prevent illnesses—naturally. The information and intelligence offered on WMB is not that of an individual health care provider or an institution but the knowledge gained from your personal experience and reported to members of the WMB community on health boards and Research Reports; a board of healthcare practitioners from the various fields, including M.D.s in integrated practices, monitor and, as necessary, add input to our collective knowledge base.

This website is an information and education source only. The core value of the site is that the individual, that is you, take responsibility for your own healthcare, which requires (1) an interest and willingness in assuming this responsibility, (2) paying close attention to what your body tells you, and (3) being informed of options in care. WomensMedicineBowl offers information and insights into Natural Healing options. In fact, the results of your own healthcare depend upon all three of the above factors, whether you’re using Natural Healing methods or pharma drugs.

What Women Think About US Healthcare

The mindset of American women regarding health and healthcare was explored in a research study done for the National Partnership for Women & Families in 1998. Focus groups conducted in San Francisco, Houston and Philadelphia reflected the widest possible diversity in ethnic, racial, and socio-economic terms.

Qualitative research such as focus groups serves to tell us what people are thinking about, perhaps to set an agenda—it does not tell us how many people share these ideas. Nevertheless, the researchers found a “remarkable degree of commonality and consensus across all groups” regardless of geography, education or income. “One clear theme emerged across all women in all groups—to women, today, our health care system seems seriously flawed, and its flaws are believed to have an immediate and harmful impact on women’s health and well-being.”

Introducing the CEO

My own journey has included all the above—growing up with healthcare outside the AMA, learning how to overcome or manage chronic illnesses, and living abroad where I learned other healthcare practices.

Perhaps being tied to the obstetrics bed under protest was a factor in Mom seeking natural health care practices. I grew up with healthcare practices always about 20 years ahead of what the AMA would deign as “legitimate” healthcare and therefore be covered by insurance companies. This began with chiropractic care at age ten after being thrown through the auto windshield. To be continued